Friday, July 15, 2016

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It's summer! For a lot of people that means going outside, going on vacation, going to the pool. For book lovers it means doing all of the above with books in tow. Or sometimes even staying inside in the cool AC to read just one more page...

Maybe you have a favorite type of book to read during the summer, maybe you're planning on whittling away at your to-be-read pile, or maybe you're looking for what to read this summer (if so, we have a book recommendation for you below!). Regardless, you've got summer + books on your mind!

6 Summer-Inspired Book Quotes for Book Lovers

So here are 6 summer-inspired book quotes for book lovers:

1. As a kid, did your parents ever say "Go outside and play" when you really just wanted to curl up with a book?

Summer Book Quote
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2. Sorry, we're busy all summer -- we're reading!

Summer Reading Quote
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3. One day we'll retire and do just that. In the meantime, we'll squeeze in as much as possible during summer vacation!

Beach Book Quote

4. SPF 1000

Summer Book Quote

5. Gardening + reading = a summer well spent!

Summer Book Quote
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6. Ha, so true, though we hope everyone gets in a little more summer reading than that!

Summer Reading Quote

Looking for what to read this summer? Frosted Cowboy is one of the best summer reads around! It's light, fun, and flirty!