Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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Paris and Parisians have been the subject of countless wonderful books over the years—from drama to comedy, it all happens in the City of Light. Here are a few of our favorites to transport you to the banks of the Seine:

Paris Time Capsule
by Ella Carey

Cat Jordan inherits a perfectly preserved Belle Époque apartment in Paris—from a complete stranger. Who was this mysterious Isabelle de Florian, and why did she leave the inheritance to Cat? A story of romance, truth and history. Who wouldn't love a glimpse into an old Parisian apartment and the lives connected to it?

That's Paris
by Collected Authors

More than 20 contributors share stories that will make you laugh, cry and wonder as you stroll the streets of Paris along with them. A midnight encounter, a torturous quest for a French driver's license, a test of courage at the French table… The perfect gift for someone who is planning a trip to Paris—or the person who is stuck at home!

Fugitive Colors
by Lisa Barr

This WWII era novel had us riveted from page one. Stolen art, love, lust, deception… Julian Klein, an idealistic American artist in Paris, out of loyalty and love, finds himself fighting the Nazi plan to destroy avant-garde art. Every step of the way, in this novel that takes us from Paris to the concentration camps of Germany, we are at the edge of our seats, feeling Julian's pain, joy and strength in this touching, powerful novel.

The Paris Effect
by K.S.R. Burns

Amy's life revolves around food and her best friend, Kat. But Kat is gone, lost to a battle with cancer, and now Amy is the only one who can carry out The Plan—a secret trip to Paris that even Amy's husband wouldn't know about. With memories of Kat, Amy sets off on a Paris adventure that will soon have her looking at food, her husband and her life in a whole new way. A great choice for book club discussions!