Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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Love that warm summery feeling? Want to make it last all summer (and all year) long? Read a steamy book! If you're looking for books to read during the summer, check out our four book recommendations to heat things up...

4 Books to Heat Up Your Summer

Keeping Mr. Right Now
by Robin Bielman

Sophie Birch is not a beach bunny—instead, she's pretty out of place among the crowd at White Strand Cove. And then a surf lesson throws her into the path of Zane, a sexy surf star. Sophie has shown up at the right moment, when Zane needs to clean up his playboy reputation to land a new sponsor. But can a fictional relationship turn into a real one? Romantic, fun and beachy, this novel is the perfect addition to our summer reading list!

Laguna Nights
by Kaira Rouda

Josh and Madison's love story came crashing to a halt years earlier with a betrayal on reality TV. Now the two, both having gone through difficult times, are back in Laguna Beach. Will this new encounter be enough to erase the past? With wonderful characters and a beautiful setting, this book is a must for any beach bag. A story of first love, betrayal and second chances.

Tempted in the Tropics
by Tracy March

Paige, one of the only singles in a small town, is delighted to see that her new neighbor is a hot young doctor. But her first conversation with Lane Anderson starts a feud. Lane, trying to recover after being inadvertently associated with a medical scandal, has a reason for keeping his distance. When Paige and Lane end up as guests at a wedding in St. Lucia, the beauty of the island may inspire a reconciliation. But will romance be short-lived? Funny, sweet and engaging…

Catching Cassidy
by Melissa Foster

Instead of celebrating his college graduation, Wyatt Armstrong heads to his family's summer home in Harborside, Massachusetts with his best friend, Cassidy Lowell, to deal with the death of his parents. Cassidy never thought of flirtatious Wyatt as more than a friend, yet suddenly, their relationship is changing, and she sees her friend in a new light. But Cassidy isn't interested in only a summer fling. A touching story of friendship, love and growing up.

So if you're looking for what to read this summer, we hope this helped! And even throughout the rest of the year, it never hurts to heat things up with a good book. Because remember, every summer has a story!