Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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Sometimes, we're in the mood for some reality in our fiction. We're talking characters showing us what it's really like for women in the workplace. Whether the protagonist is fighting discrimination or fighting to get ahead, there are some great and honorable messages in such books. Here are four of our favorite women power stories—each written by former industry insiders! Let them entertain and inspire you!

by Lindsay Cameron

Mackenzie Corbett is living the dream: a job as an associate at a big Manhattan law firm, a great salary and an awesome boyfriend. But things aren't always as good as they appear. A bitchy senior associate is after her, her boyfriend is pressuring her for more time together, and she's working on the deal from hell. Mackenzie won't be deterred from success—until a devastating investigation puts her future on the line.

The Creepshow: A Novel
by Adria J. Cimino

Wanda Julienne was the perfect employee. Until she had a baby. After maternity leave, Wanda returns to her fund management position in a glamorous Parisian office only to find her world turned upside down. Struggling to fight discrimination and harassment at work, and to maintain relationships at home, Wanda's life spins out of control. And the only way out may destroy everything she's so carefully built.

Opening Belle: A Novel
by Maureen Sherry

It's 2008, and Isabelle, a Wall Street star, looks like she has it all. But reality isn't so brilliant: Her office environment is reminiscent of a frat party, and at home, the workload isn't exactly equitable. Then the former love she never got over becomes her biggest client. Add to that the financial crisis, and changes—on many levels—are on the horizon.

Bond Girl
by Erin Duffy

The success of a young business school graduate at a prestigious Wall Street brokerage firm is put in jeopardy by the 2008 financial crisis. Hilarious and smart, this fast-paced novel will have you cheering for Alex, the protagonist, from start to finish.