Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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What are our favorite authors reading? Find out in our One Night (Book) Stand feature! Today's guest is Marin Thomas, author of The Promise of Forgiveness.

My favorite reading time is right before bed. I usually read 30 to 60 minutes but will gladly give up more sleep, if I'm engrossed in a book. Here are a few novels that robbed me of sleep.

Silver Linings
by Debbie Macomber

Macomber brings the beautiful Puget Sound area alive in Silver Linings—an emotional read about second chances. If you like stories revolving around family and friends that leave you feeling uplifted and hopeful, then you can't go wrong with a Debbie Macomber novel.

The Moon Sisters
by Therese Walsh

This is a poignant story about two sisters, Jazz and Olivia Moon, and how they deal with their mother's apparent suicide. Their mother's death affects each sister in different ways, testing their relationship. I loved both of these young women. Jazz is grounded and practical and Olivia is whimsical and imaginative. I promise you'll be thinking about The Moon Sisters long after you read the last page.

Fugitive Colors
by Lisa Barr

Fugitive Colors tackles the fascinating subject of the Nazi persecution of Jewish painters and the confiscation of their artwork. The amount of research Barr did for this story is incredible and her attention to detail creates an authentic and vivid setting in Europe before WWII. Her descriptions of Paris, New York, Berlin and Chicago were riveting.

If You Could See What I See
by Cathy Lamb

A flailing lingerie business is the backdrop for this story, showing how a family comes together in tough times. Lamb puts her characters through the ringer, and the banter between the O'Rourke sisters and their grandmother is entertaining and poignant. The O'Rourke family deals with some pretty serious, compelling issues but Lamb sprinkles her story with touches of humor that allow plenty of hope to shine through.

About Marin Thomas:
Marin writes women's fiction for Berkley/NAL & western romance for Harlequin Books. When not writing, Marin is researching her next ghost tour or junk hunting in salvage shops searching for a new story idea. She and her husband are recent empty nesters, living in Houston. Keep up to date on Marin’s giveaways and books by subscribing to her newsletter.

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