Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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Whether you live up North or deep in the South, there's an undeniable attraction to the steaminess of the Louisiana Bayous. Here are our top picks for books set in the bayou that will get your heart racing.

Midnight Bayou
by Nora Roberts

Count on Nora Roberts to take us deep into the bayou of Louisiana and on a spooky journey as Declan Fitzgerald tries to renovate an old mansion before he goes crazy with the visions he's seeing. Luckily, he has the alluring Angelina Simone to help distract him.

Bayou My Love
by Lauren Faulkenberry

The steamy romance between Enza Parker and Jack Mayronne will have you wondering if they'll ever get their house rehabbed in time. With the sparks flying between them, as well as actual sparks from fires set by a vengeful arsonist, these two will be lucky to escape with the shirts on their backs. Just in time to peel them off...

Blue Bayou
by JoAnn Ross

As Dani and Jack reignite their passion from long ago, they know that secrets still hang in the air... and the past may ruin their second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime love. Let this contemporary romance take you away to the "moss-draped splendor" of Blue Bayou.

Fire On The Bayou
by M. A. Harper

The dazzling spell of New Orleans and its music might be just enough to put her back under the spell of her ex, Adrien. Part-romance, part-action-adventure, you won't be able to put this second-chance love story down!

Bayou Curse
by Riley McKissack

Curses, superstition, and a touch of the paranormal. This romantic suspense is loaded with the ambiance of southern Louisiana, and the powerful attraction between Jenna and Eddie might prove to be older than we think...