Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Who has never wanted or needed a fresh start? It's always exciting (and inspiring) to follow our favorite protagonist through hard times… and then watch as he or she succeeds at turning his or her life around. We love the spirit of the main characters in the following novels and how they started anew.

The Promise of Forgiveness
by Marin Thomas

This novel has all of our favorite elements: A heroine who has struggled but wants to make her and her daughter's life right, a broken family hoping for repair, a love story and a setting in the Heartland. The father Ruby Baxter never knew existed wants her to have his oil ranch, but will Ruby open her heart to him and succeed in building a new life? Award-nominated author Marin Thomas brings us a story of family, love and, of course, forgiveness.

Last One Home
by Debbie Macomber

New York Times best-selling author Debbie Macomber is back with a tale of the sisterly bond and new chances for love. Cassie Carter was close to her sisters until an event broke them apart. Cassie ran off to marry the wrong man after high school, throwing away the future her family wanted for her. Years later, one of her sisters writes to her. Is a chance for reconciliation on the horizon?

Redemption Bay
by RaeAnne Thayne

McKenzie loves her hometown of Haven Point. That's why she's furious when Ben Kilpatrick, who destroyed the local economy years ago when he closed a family business, returns with the idea of opening a facility for his current company. The town represents bad memories for Ben, but when he starts to see things through the eyes of McKenzie, the mayor, his views just might change. A touching romance about finding love where you least expect.

The Wanderer
by Robyn Carr

Hank Cooper inherits beachfront property in a small Oregon coastal town. He's usually not one to settle in one place, but he finds himself quickly involved in this town, and involved with Sarah Dupre, a beautiful, but complicated woman. An unforgettable story with unforgettable characters.