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What are our favorite authors reading? Find out in our One Night (Book) Stand feature! Today's guest is Aimee Horton, author of the Survival series!

Writing and reading go hand in hand, but often motherhood and reading aren't quite as compatible. Which is why I feel lucky to live in an age where I can have my book with me wherever I go, without even having to remember it.

Most recently I have been reading:

In Her Wake
by Amanda Jennings

I love Amanda Jennings. Her books are always so clever and thought-provoking. I'm only halfway through In Her Wake and I can already tell you it's no exception. In fact, every time I pick it up, I can't believe how stunningly written it is, and how each page draws you in closer to the story and characters. A real credit, and she needs to hurry up and write her next one please!

Can You Keep a Secret?
by Sophie Kinsella

Whenever I want to laugh out loud I turn to Sophie Kinsella. Can You Keep A Secret is one of my absolute favourites, so much so that not only have I read it a million times, but I listen to it on audiobook in my car too. Light, fluffy, and a bit ridiculous in a totally relatable way, this book lifts my mood no matter how grumpy I am!

About Last Night
by Adele Parks

Oh Adele Parks. HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD? I felt like I'd known the characters forever—and with this book being about life-long friendship that's even more relevant. As with all Parks books, she makes you think about everyday life and if you'd react in the same way as her characters.

The Famous Five: Five Go Off In A Caravan
by Enid Blyton

I'm so excited that both my boys are now at the age where I can introduce them to the books I loved as a girl, and this series has to be the one I've been most excited about. The stories may appear old fashioned these days, but I love the way they magically suck you into a world of boiled eggs, barley sugars, rubber soled shoes and torches.

About Aimee Horton:
Aimee is from Lincoln, England, where she enjoys drinking gin and spending time with her family (and she won't tell you which of those she prefers doing). As a child, one of her favourite parts of the summer holidays was to devour all the books in a little book shop in Devon. She continued reading at lightning speed right up until having children. She now reads with eyes propped open by match sticks.

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Aimee's Books:

Survival of the Ginnest

Mothers Ruined

Survival of the Christmas Spirit