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What are our favorite authors reading? Find out in our One Night (Book) Stand feature! Today's guest is Katie Rose Guest Pryal, author of Entanglement.

Like many writers, I read so many books it is hard to keep track of them all. Here are my recent reads that are jumping to the forefront of my mind. It’s an eclectic list, but that’s me.

Her: A Memoir, by Christa Parravani

This book is outrageously good. I've always been fascinated by books about sisters because my sister and I are especially close. Although this is a book marked by tragedy, it is clear-eyed, driven by a sleek narrative, and finds a moment of transcendence so pure that I will remember it forever.

The Magician's Lie, by Greer Macallister

Greer and I are in a supportive writing collective called The Tall Poppy Writers. When I saw her book, I knew I had to read it. It features a female illusionist at the turn of 20th century who creates her own traveling show. Hers was a profession dominated by men. The Amazing Arden, and the book, are entrancing. "Tonight," Arden says, "I will do the impossible." Indeed.

Feverborn: A Fever Novel, by Karen Marie Moning

When I discovered the first five Fever novels a few years ago, I told my husband good-bye, locked myself in our room, and didn't emerge until I had finished reading them all. Luckily, because they were so engrossing, that didn't take much more than two-and-a-half days. Moning must have listened to the weeping of her fans and decided to continue the series. Although the first five form a perfect unity, the series continues to fascinate (Feverborn is the eighth book), and I will stay with it till the bitter end. Also, this book choice reveals my undying love of sexy paranormal urban fantasies.

Chaos: Making a New Science, by James Gleick

I enjoy reading books on science generally, and perhaps they inspired my Entanglement series, in which one of the lead characters is a physicist who helps her friends gain new perspectives on their problems with her unique way of looking at the world. My forthcoming book is titled Chasing Chaos. I figured I needed to brush up on my chaos theory—at least that was my excuse for reading this really fun book on the origins of the science of chaos.

About Katie Rose Guest Pryal:
Katie enjoys her three professions—novelist, freelance journalist, and lawyer—for one reason: her love of the written word. Fiction or nonfiction, Katie thrives on putting thoughts to paper and sharing them with the world. She lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where the energy of the campus and cafes inspires her writing.

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