Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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When we think dance books, we often think nonfiction. But there are plenty of wonderful novels that will plunge you into the world of tutus, pointe shoes, music and spotlights… as well as some of the darker sides of life on the stage. Dance, with all of the passion it inspires and requires, seems like a natural in the pages of a book.

So, whether you're a dancer or a dance lover, put on some Tchaikovsky and settle in with one of these great reads:

The Painted Girls: A Novel
by Cathy Marie Buchanan

Two sisters, the Paris OpĂ©ra house, the Belle Epoque. Need we say more? To escape poverty, two sisters take on jobs at the opera house—one training to enter the famous ballet. If you love history, ballet and stories of society and art, this book is for you. The Painted Girls will transport you back to one of Paris’ most fascinating time periods.

Astonish Me: A novel (Vintage Contemporaries)
by Maggie Shipstead

Ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev once told Jean Cocteau "Astonish me!" and the ballet Parade was born. In this novel, Shipstead astonishes us with an unforgettable story of dance and life. Memories of the spotlight and an abrupt change in a dancer's life... and the story of what happens when that past catches up with the present.

The Art of Falling
by Kathryn Craft

Body image is a major issue in the world of dance and it is central in this story of a dancer as she struggles to recover from a fall that nearly broke her body and her spirit. What does the life and body of a dancer look like? Is there only one way to truly be a dancer? An elegantly told story, with words set to the rhythm of modern dance. A must for dancers and all lovers of dance.

Off Balance
by Terez Mertes Rose

A behind-the-scenes look that dusts some of the glitter off of those ballet slippers. A story with heart that delves deeper into the lives of characters in this world of dreams.