Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Champagne to celebrate New Year’s, Valentine’s Day… but how about popping open a bottle to celebrate reading? Sounds like a good idea to us! What better excuse for celebration than a great book? But not just any book will do. Your book-to-drink-champagne-with should be fun or elegant. We’ve come up with some perfect selections to pair with your glass of bubbles:

The Beautiful American
by Jeanne Mackin

A story of two fascinating women, spanning Paris in the 1920s to London after the war. One of the women happens to be Lee Miller, the mistress of artist Man Ray, and the author does an amazing job of fictionalizing the lives of these unforgettable characters.

The Expat Diaries: Single in the City
by Michele Gorman

And speaking of fun, this novel is the perfect feel-good read to accompany your drink. The hilarious, and romantic tale of an American in London will give you a taste of the expat life and put a smile on your face.

French Coast: A Novel
by Anita Hughes

The Cote d'Azur, the Carlton-InterContinental Hotel and the Cannes Film Festival make up the setting for this glamorous novel. An editor at Vogue jets off to this idyllic location for an idyllic assignment—and instead meets with various mishaps that will keep you at the edge of your seat. (Don't spill your champagne!)

Keep Calm and Carry a Big Drink (There's Cake in My Future Book 2)
by Kim Gruenenfelder

Full of surprises and heart, this novel shows us that new beginnings may be intimidating… but they’re worth the effort! Good friends, good drinks and good feelings guaranteed.

Lemongrass Hope
by Amy Impellizzeri

This love story will have you traveling through time and believing in magic. What would the present look like if you could change the past? Kate Sutton, the protagonist of this amazing tale, finds out. And there is an incredible lemongrass dress...

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Just about everyone knows this one, but we couldn't resist. As we read about the extraordinary parties at Jay Gatsby's mansion, what else could one possibly drink besides champagne? One sip and we feel as if we're right there by Gatsby's side as he opens the doors of his home and dreams of Daisy Buchanan.